The Best Real Estate Websites

Are always up-to-date with current listings!

The best real estate websites offer up to date listings of homes for sale in real time

The best websites for real estate listings are the ones with the most current property listings readily available. Real time data means a lot to house-hunting website visitors. This is especially true in the hottest real estate markets, such as Phoenix AZ. Knowing there's a new listing in the MLS even 15 minutes earlier than someone else can mean all the difference in getting your offer to buy it accepted, or in simply finishing in second place... and that's no fun!

Don't be fooled by the most popular online real estate portals. Their purpose isn't to provide the most usefulness to the site visitor. It's to bring people to view it's advertising, nothing more. More clicks, more money. It's far more rewarding to find yourself a local Realtor's website with direct access to MLS data. There you'll always be up to date, and have someone who actually values your being there. You are appreciated!


#TBREW is our initials to this website. Obviously it stands for The Best Real Estate Websites. I guess you could have assumed it had something to do with brewing tea, but you'd be incorrect. (smiles)#TBREW - The Best Real Estate Websites
The Best Real Estate Websites


Choosing the best real estate websites is very personal. Everyone looks for something to connect them with a realty website that they will be comfortable using, to choose their next home to buy. So that said, you've got to understand my motivation in selecting the best real estate websites for me personally. What connects me to each of these is that I am the real estate agent who would be helping you if you find your next Phoenix home and make a property inquiry through one of these websites. If you ask to be shown the home via that inquiry, it would be myself or one of my team member partners that help you buy that home. And we'd be both honored and thrilled to be your Realtor. Please, and thank you! - Tony